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Hey, there y’are. Glad you could drop by.

A mere 25 years after Tim Berners-Lee pressed ‘go’ on the world wide web I’ve finally got my patomahony.ie ass in gear. Finger on the pulse, that’s me.

The aim is twofold. The front end will hopefully be a calling card, a place where people – whether in the business or not – go to find out about my work. If I’m lucky I might even get the occasional gig from it.

The back end – here – will be a chance to provide behind-the-scenes updates on work, to throw my tuppence worth into the ring on whatever topics – serious or otherwise – take my fancy and to give a home to stuff that doesn’t quite fit anywhere else…like this Why I Love Mondays post I wrote in late 2012 for Prosperity.

Some postings will be media related, many won’t. Hopefully they’ll all be of interest.

I’ll try to post reasonably regularly but as I said to someone recently, it’ll depend on time: the busier I am the less often I’ll probably be able to blog…on the other hand, of course, the busier I am the more I may actually have to blog about.

I’m hoping I’ll work it all out eventually.

Over there on the top right hand corner of the page is a mailing list you can join to keep updated on the chats…though I’ll understand if you feel life really is too short.

While your feedback and suggestions are always welcome, I can’t guarantee all comments will get past the thick-skinned moderator; aim for wit, humour, honesty, intelligence and of course flattery and you’re in with a half decent shout.

A big thank-you to those who cast a sneak-preview eye over the website over the last couple of weeks – your feedback was most helpful…well the bits I agreed with anyway.

Thanks too to Jim Daly of Glic IT whose web design skills and WordPress know-how made building this mother a whole lot less painful.

And special kudos to Sinead Ryan of Presence PR whose initial words of wisdom kick-started this great web-based project.

Ok, enough chit chat, let’s get this show on the information superhighway. Talk again soon, y’all.

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