Twice As Nice – Off Message 18

Two bits and bobs for your viewing and listening pleasure…

The other week another 25th anniversary post popped up from RTÉ Archives…the internet never forgets, huh?

You may remember last November they dug out the opening few minutes of my very first Head 2 Toe from autumn 1989.

This time rouPat RTETV50nd it was a Head 2 Toe report from February 16th 1990 presented by yours truly on the time, energy and thought that goes into styling a pop band.

And if you can take me with a ponytail and earrings and in a suit, you can watch it here:

Styling A Pop Band – RTÉ Archives

The other week I also recorded another podcast – this is becoming a habit, I know – this time with Andrew Mangan of Castaway for their 738am podcast series.

Castaway podcast with Andrew ManganI had just written here about pirate radio, so we yabbered about that and how it lead me on this wild goose chase that has been my daft career in media.

No suit, ponytail or earrings this time, just Andrew’s and my sweet dulcet tones…


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