The third Off Message media-mad podcast features Mark Little, a man who’s already been around the media block more than once.

Mark made his name in RTÉ in the 1990s as a news reporter and Prime Time presenter; he made his fortune when he sold his first subsequent start-up, the news-verifying Storyful, to Rupert Murdoch for a tidy sum a couple of years ago; and he’s now making a play to crack two of modern news delivery’s biggest conundrums, trust and control, with the Dublin-based Neva Labs which he recently co-founded with his former RTÉ and Storyful colleague, Áine Kerr.

I’ve known Mark since his student union days in Trinity College towards the end of the 1980s, just before I managed to blag my own way into RTÉ for the first time, so when I went to meet him in Neva Lab’s central Dublin offices – yup, that’s a Luas bell just outside you can hear peppered throughout – as you might imagine we had a lot to talk about: from how exactly his ambitious news app will work, to his reaction when News Corp came sniffing round Storyful; from the importance of genuine critical feedback in journalism, to his take on re-thinking RTÉ’s funding model; from his  call for more ‘solutions journalism’ to how his own personal media consumption has changed radically over the years.


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