After a lengthy – mostly, but not entirely, Covid19-induced – layoff, for the latest Off Message I’ve joined forces with Jolt at Dublin City University‘s FuJo Institute for five special media-curious podcasts in which I meet some really interesting folk doing great research into the rapidly-changing world of journalism digital and data technology.

I’m particularly grateful for help along the way to Rayana Zapryanova, Eileen Culloty and Jane Suiter at FuJo.

In the first of these five (Off Message podcast #17 overall) I talk with Dimitri Bettoni about his research into the shady and often dangerous world surveillance, both by and of journalists:

In the second I chat with Elina Makri about never underestimating the active, if mostly unconscious, role the brain plays in affecting our interpretation of the news:

In episode three Sophie Chauvet takes me through her work on the often untrustworthy nature of audience analytics that drive so much modern journalism:

In number four, Lucia Mesquita expands on her research into collaborative journalism in a business better known for individual investigations::

In the fifth and final episode, I’m introduced by Sara Creta to the world of communities living in exile using digital media to advance transitional justice:


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