NIHE Dublin (now DCU) Students Union (1986-1988)

Entertainment & Publications Manager (Aug 1986-Jun 1987; Aug-Sep 1988): Dublin

After I graduated in 1986 (with a degree in Communications Studies) I was the first full-time Entertainment and Publications Manager with the Students Union in NIHE Dublin (now Dublin City University).

Having been their part-time Ents Officer while a student in 1984-1985, I later briefly popped back in autumn 1988 to organise Freshers Week when my successor was offered a job elsewhere at short notice.

For more, see:

Mentor As Anything – Off Message 25 – Since 2009 I’ve participated in DCU’s annual mentorship programme. Here’s why: if I’ve passed on even the occasional useful titbit, it’s job done.

Get Lucky – Off Message 13 – Remembering an incident from my time at DCU, in media or any other business don’t ever underestimate the importance of luck. Likewise don’t over-estimate the role of your own talents and hard work.

Happy Anniversaries – Off Message 9 – There were quite a few varyingly significant personal anniversaries in the air back in 2014, including becoming Entertainments Officer in DCU. Some were more significant than others. All had a story to tell.

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