Now That’s What You Called News (2009/2010/2011)

Producer/Producer-Director/Originator (Sep-Dec 2009/2010/2011): 3 x 60’ internet search news-review programmes with Coco Television, Dublin, for RTÉ 1, tx Dec 2009/2010/2011

The news we search for on the internet in the privacy of our own laptops, smartphones and tablets can bear scant relation to the stories radio, TV and newspapers present us with every day. Often we want to know about a whole host of other events, but even when it’s the same news, when and why we search for it is usually very different. And increasingly the internet itself is at the heart of these stories.

RTE ONE‘s Now That’s What You Called News 2011 (a follow up to Now That’s What You Called News 2010 and Ireland’s Biggest ‘Hits’ 2009) was a fascinating and revealing top 20 countdown of some of the biggest, most interesting, colourful and bizarre news stories we explored online during 2011.

Presented by Craig Doyle, it featured an entertaining and interesting mix of both the serious and the less so as it explored the big internet stories of the year, from celebrity to politics, sport to economics, entertainment to natural disasters.

We asked if the internet means how we now find our news, what we’re interested in and who we believe has changed forever?

With contributions from a bunch of well known web-savvy newshounds and commentators, it was a sharp, witty, intelligent, fun-filled look back at 2011 (and 2010 and 2009), revealing much about the country’s increasing use of and reliance on computers – and a lot about ourselves too.

I was the producer/director on Now That’s What You Called News 2011, producing its two predecessors.

The new challenges YouTube & the social web present broadcast news – The Sociable

Audio of interview with yours truly re NTWCN10 over on

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