Pat’s University Challenge (2009)

Producer/Presenter/Editor/Originator (Sept-Nov 2009): 1 x 40’ documentary on DCU’s 20th anniversary, edited on Pro Tools with RTÉ Radio 1, Dublin, tx Nov 2009

In Pat’s University Challenge, my first documentary for the RTÉ Radio 1 Documentary On One strand, I went back to Dublin City University 20 years after it had become a university to see how the place had changed since I was a student there back in the mid 1980s when it was but a humble National Institute of Higher Education in Glasnevin, D9.

DCU for Irish Times 150214 Alan BetsonLiving on campus for the duration of Freshers Week I was greeted head on by the huge physical changes that had occurred while I’d been away, but I was far more curious to see if the attitude of place has changed.

And I was particularly interested to gauge how staff and students were now dealing with life in Ireland’s youngest university in these economically unstable times.

Production Supervision was by Ann Marie Power.
First broadcast on Nov 21st, 2009.

“And while trips down memory lane can often be self indulgent, trite and boring, this one struck the right balance of nostalgia, curiosity and a wry, mature take on modern Irish youth…. What I liked most about Pat’s University Challenge was its general good-natured air.”
Irish Independent, 28th November 2009

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