RTÉ 2fm (2011-2016)

Producer/Contributor (Jan 2012-Aug 2016): various shows with RTÉ 2fm, Dublin

Weekenders with Ruth (formerly “…with Ruth and Paddy) is a weekend music and entertainment news show on RTÉ 2fm with Ruth Scott (and previously with Paddy McKenna too) whose OBs (outside broadcasts) I regularly produced since early 2015.

“Great music and infotainment with Rick and Cormac, to get you through the weekend…” At least that’s what Rick O’Shea, with Rick O’Shea and Cormac Battle and whose OBs I occasionally produced in 2015 and 2016, says about itself.

I’ve also produced since 2015 one-off 2fm OBs with Dave Fanning, Tracy CliffordEoghan McDermott, freelancer Aidan Power and RTÉ Two television’s Two Tube‘s Stephen Byrne.

Game On is a daily 2fm sports magazine show. During 2013 I contributed a fortnightly It’s A Funny Old Game slot on the stranger aspects of sport.

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